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From Grammar to Crime Prevention Lecturer at Griffith University

Date: June 8, 2017    Posted by: Sophie Thompson

If you asked Sunshine Coast Grammar School Alumnus, Emily Moir, in 2007 if she pictured herself as a lecturer in Crime Prevention at Griffith University, the answer would have been no.

Commencing in the Foundation Year of 1997, Emily Moir was a Year 2 Student with big dreams and a passion for learning. In Secondary School Emily’s academic interest in Science and Japanese lead to a new career discovery in Year 12, one of Forensic Psychology and Criminology.

After a GAP year, Emily began a double degree in 2009 in Criminology and Psychological Science at Griffith University, and graduated with First Class Honours. Going on to complete her PhD in March this year, the opportunity arose for Emily to become a Lecturer in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

“It is extremely rewarding to know that I can assist crime prevention by educating current students in today’s world, so when they complete their degree they are ready for tomorrow’s challenges.” Emily said.

Emily’s research interest spans three areas of crime prevention including; burglary, child sexual abuse, and elder abuse. She has taught courses on crime prevention, crime mapping, theories of crime, and homicide.

Although Emily has successfully set up life in Brisbane, she still enjoys visiting family on the Sunshine Coast.

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