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Grammar students reaping the benefits of community garden

Date: October 12, 2017    Posted by: Megan Meineke

The idea that community gardens can nourish the mind as well as the body is quickly catching on across the country with a number of these gardens popping up, particularly in schools.

At Sunshine Coast Grammar School a group of Year 5 students have transformed some vacant garden beds into a thriving community garden bursting with a variety of fresh produce in just a matter of months.

Mr Koch’s Year 5 class got involved in the initial planning, clearing and planting of the garden and were quickly assisted by other classes wanting to get involved.

“Community gardens are primarily a place for people to come together as a community to share and learn. We are incredibly proud to have created a welcoming place where students can learn how to cultivate their very own edible herbs and vegetables,” said Mr Koch.

“Students have really taken ownership of the garden beds, the watering and the care of the plants and have had the opportunity to see the plants grow from a seedling to a full grown product, which has been incredibly rewarding.”

An unexpected outcome has been the constant stream of visitors and high level of community engagement, many parents have also volunteered their time and experience to help plant and look after the garden beds passing on their knowledge to the next generation of budding green thumbs.

The crops will be ready to harvest in the coming weeks and boast a variety of fresh produce including zucchinis, kale, lettuce, tomato, oregano, thyme, mint, corn, bokchoi and broccoli.

“We anticipate that this community project will continue and anticipate the funds from the sale of the plants will enable us to buy more seedlings and we also hope to integrate our work on the community garden into our Year 5 learning units next year,” said Mr Koch.

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