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Japanese language students receive top marks

Date: February 10, 2017    Posted by: Sophie Thompson

Sunshine Coast Grammar School students Isabella Webb and Roi McGuiness have received top results in the language of Japanese that many students across Queensland aspire to achieve.

Both students undertook the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, which is an external global exam for nonnative speakers that both students and adults can undertake. Known as the JLPT, the test is the most recognisable qualification that can be achieved in the Japanese language covering language knowledge, reading ability, and listening ability.

Students at Grammar with a passion for learning the Japanese language are encouraged to undertake the exam level of their choice. The levels range starting from N5 through to N1. As a globally recognized qualification of language proficiency the JLPT qualification does not date.

The exam is offered twice per year in Japan and select countries, one being Australia. In Queensland students are required to travel to Griffith University to sit the exam.

Isabella returned from a three-month exchange in Japan recently where she undertook the exam. Passing the JLPT Level N4 is a first for a Year 12 Grammar student. With a love for film and the Japanese language Isabella hopes to be able to pursue a career that combines both.

“Isabella deserves to be congratulated for her efforts. To pass the JLPT N4 in such a short time is a true testament to her dedication for learning Japanese”, said Mrs Suzuki, Head of Japanese at Sunshine Coast Grammar School.

“At sixteen years old, Roi was the only person under the age of eighteen to take the test at Griffith University, in December, and achieved a Level N2 which means he has a confident business level of Japanese language skill. Whilst Roi’s mother is Japanese, all of his schooling has been in Australia and therefore to get to an N2 level is almost unheard of. This means he knows 6,000 words and 1,000 Kanji. There are three different alphabets in the Japanese language and by the end of Year 12, most students have an understanding of approximately 250 kanji. Roi achieved 100% in the listening section. This result is absolutely outstanding and I am so incredibly proud.”

2016 was the first year Grammar engaged in an exchange program with Shohei High School located in Saitama, which is situated just outside of Tokyo. A highly successfully cultural experience for all the students involved now has Grammar preparing for a cultural tour in December this year.

Sunshine Coast Grammar School students are offered French and Japanese language subjects from Year 4, which provide additional rich learning experiences as part of their educational journey.

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