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Students have a number of opportunities to excel in Swimming at Grammar. Along with Cross Country and Athletics it is one of our school’s tradition carnivals held every year. Swimming carnivals are currently held at the Nambour Aquatic Centre and is fiercely competed for by our four houses. Both Secondary and Primary students have enjoyed great successes in swimming.

Apart from providing pathways for our serious swimmers, a major focus for our carnivals is fun, participation and encouraging students to contribute to their house.



Students  are selected to represent the school at the Independent District Swimming Carnival based on results from the school carnivals. From here students can progress through to the Regional carnival, State Championships and then and National Championships.


A team is selected from each of the Primary and Secondary schools to complete at the Independent District Swimming Carnival.

Recent Successes:

Grammar has been very fortunate to have many extremely talented swimmers throughout its’ history with students competing all the way through to national level.

Staff Contact:  

Scott Roush (Secondary) – sroush@scgs.qld.edu.au

Maureen Cummings (Primary) – mcummings@scsg.qld.edu.au

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