2019 OP Results

The results are in! A time of great anticipation for thousands of school-leavers with OP (overall position) results released today and for two students from Sunshine Coast Grammar School the excitement of achieving an OP1, the pinnacle of academic success was more than overwhelming.

The realisation of hard work and commitment has finally paid off for these students as the journey they once only dreamed of is now about to become a reality.

However, it is not only these two OP1 students that have reason to celebrate, with over 43.9 per cent of students from Sunshine Coast Grammar School achieving an OP1-5 and 71.1 per cent achieving an OP1-10.

Principal at Sunshine Coast Grammar School, Mrs Maria Woods is happy with the results.

“We congratulate our class of 2019 on their results. May they each pursue their individual passions with the purpose and determination that has assisted them throughout their school life at Sunshine Coast Grammar School,” said Mrs Woods.

“Our goal has been to encourage, challenge and nurture students so that they can pursue their dreams beyond school.”