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Much educational research focuses on the importance of the teacher in assisting students to achieve. At Sunshine Coast Grammar School we invest in our greatest resources – the people. We encourage professional excellence in all staff. Teachers who are the leaders in their field, committed to their purpose of educating young people, and who are genuinely passionate about their work.

At Sunshine Coast Grammar School we have made a purposeful commitment to high quality education and our staff are committed to their own professional practice to ensure our school is well equipped to support student achievement in all endeavours.

School Executive

School Principal

Mrs Maria Woods

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Head of Primary

Mr Paul Clegg

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Head of Secondary

Mr Mel Holland

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Business Manager

Ms Lyn Stokes

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Senior Management

Dean of Students (Prep - Year 6)

Ms Kathryn Wilkinson

Dean of Primary (Yrs 3 – 6):

Mr Craig Angel

Dean of Primary (Prep – Yr 2)

Mrs Genevieve Hudson

School Chaplain

Pastor Jon Taylor

Dean of Secondary Schooling

Mr David Andersson

Dean of Studies

Mr Simon Davis

Dean of Students (Secondary)

Mr Darren Macleod-Patterson

Secondary Heads of Year

Year 12

Ms Katie Livock

Year 11

Mr Craig Ebneter

Year 10

Ms Erin Kennelly

Year 9

Ms Alison Warren

Year 8

Mr Scott Mayall

Year 7

Mr Nick Dutton

Heads of Learning Areas

Head of Business & Technology

Mrs Tania Guteridge

Head of English

Mrs Fiona Roush

Head of French

Mrs Georgie Richardson

Head of Health & PE

Mr Paul Cross

Head of Humanities

Ms Gemma Cardillo

Head of Mathematics

Mr Gerry Lynch

Head of Music

Mrs Vicki Dede

Head of Science

Mr Chris Smith

Head of Visual Art

Dr Kerrie Corcoran

GECO Coordinator

Mr Frits Jansen

Hospitality Coordinator/VET Coordinator

Mrs Carolyn Stafford

Japanese Coordinator

Ms Elizabeth Suzuki

Secondary Learning Enrichment

Mrs Kelly Brodrick

Head of Learning Enrichment (Prep - Year 6)

Mrs Chris Sawrey

Head of Secondary School Sport

Mr Scott Roush

Head of Primary School Sport

Ms Maureen Cummings

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