Committed to our community

The new strategic plan continues to recognise the valuable contribution that service to the community plays in developing young men and women of Grammar.  Never before has the need to connect our students to their community, empower them to be agents of change and actively encourage and promote student agency been as vital as it is now. 

The student voice will continue to be influential in shaping and serving our community and the new strategic design recognises the significance of this and looks to actively promote it at every turn.  We are rightfully proud of our strong history and continued role in supporting those in need beyond our Grammar gates. As we enter a new era, it is encouraging to see the value that the school places on this. 

Whilst we continue to build on strong foundations, it is important to recognise too the need to equip our students for the unknown.  Our strategic plan is indeed a statement that acknowledges the need to build future-focused young people who share a commitment to care for the planet and people.  Our students must become the solutions-oriented citizens that our communities and environment demand and with a strong and unwavering commitment, our plan does indeed aim to meet this challenge head-on. 

Perhaps above all, our strategic planning takes us into a future where Grammar students can continue to thrive, where they can discover their passions and build upon their capacities for action and influence.

By Coordinator of Community and Service, Mr Ben Princehorn