Connect with Grammar


Stepping into our School you will see and feel in action a learning community where the staff and students are genuinely connected to a central purpose. This is a school that clearly focuses on nurturing, challenging and engaging students to be the best they can be and pursue their individual areas of interest and passion.

At Grammar we have made a purposeful commitment to high quality education and our goal is to be a campus with exceptional facilities catering for students to excel in their chosen areas of endeavour.

On our campus a number of facilities have come to fruition due to the generous donations of school and community members. The Tennis Centre of Excellence, the Sports Performance Centre and the lights on the Main and Lower Ovals are examples of this generous philanthropy.

The Grammar Foundation, established in 2007, seeks to raise funds to continue to provide outstanding facilities for our current and future students. Donations to the Foundation will enable our dreams to become reality and for Grammar students to enjoy the facilities that will place them well above their counterparts in other schools.

We warmly invite you to partner with Grammar and share the journey as we continue to build a great school.


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