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An intentional focus on improving student outcomes

Each year at Grammar, we have an intentional focus on improving and enhancing student outcomes. Student achievement and student success is a key strategic driver. Our goal is to nurture and appropriately challenge each student P-12 to give their very best to become their very best.

How do we this at Grammar?

1.Supported by contemporary educational research, we know the biggest positive factor influencing student achievement is the quality of our teachers.
2.We invest in teacher development and support teachers to undertake professional learning that builds their skillsets, knowledge and capabilities.
3.Teachers are encouraged to experiment new learning particularly in the use of technology given this is the world for children of the 21st century.
4.Teachers set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time specific) goals that are carefully planned and executed throughout the year.
5.Teachers engage in meaningful professional conversations with their supervisors and each other about student progress and achievement.
6.We build teacher capability so that colleagues can give each other genuine feedback about the teaching and learning environments being created.
7.Collecting evidence of quality teaching – videos, teachers offering to share their expertise with colleagues. A really effective learning tool for teachers has been teachers advising they want to be in a particular colleague’s classroom to improve a specific strategy or further develop their own knowledge about a curriculum initiative in action.
8.Lead and undertake coaching and mentoring to support important conversations about practice and to learn the specific skillsets required to have those conversations with colleagues to improve practice.
9.We work intentionally on building a culture that supports collaboration, mentoring of teachers and providing feedback that improves practice.

Grammar has a very clear Vision for Learning – the principles that underpin our teaching and learning practices. Each teacher reflects and reviews their performance annually against our Vision for Learning Principles and the Australian Standards for Teachers. This is undertaken in consultation with their direct supervisor before they then plan their goals for the following year.

For Grammar teachers there is no greater joy than assisting students to develop, perform and achieve individual goals and personal aspirations. Students ignite the passion for us and strengthen our purpose.


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