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Students today live in a time of fast paced, unprecedented economic, social and technological change. Technology and the internet have changed the way students learn and interact with others.

In our digital world, our young people increasingly have the opportunity to be engaged. A large portion of our students embrace the instant communication, personalised media and virtual worlds of today.

“Around the world, there is a growing consensus among education leaders, researchers and educators that teaching and learning must continue to evolve to help students develop the skills they will need to success in the 21st century”. Innovative Teaching and Learning Research 2010.

Common themes include developing problem solving, high level communication skills, emotional intelligence, teamwork skills and using technology to support more powerful learning. At Grammar we continually reflect upon our teaching practice and look for innovative ways to enhance learning and teacher professional development.

As educators we aim to prepare students for the global challenges and rewards of the 21st century. Technology is a powerful tool in educating our students to become the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.


BYOD Learning Program

Students joining SCGS in Years 5 – 12 participate in the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Digital Learning Program.  This is an established program to allow students to bring their own technology to the classroom.  Our technology model is committed to providing supportive and flexible learning environments for all students.  Please see SCGS 2019 BYOD Booklet below.

Year 5 students in 2019

Year 5 Students in 2019 will be required to bring their own Apple iPad to and from school each day. The minimum requirements are:

• iPad 5th generation or later (WiFi only) or iPad Pro (WiFi only) (not an iPad mini)

• iOS 11.3 or later

• Bluetooth keyboard / keyboard case

New Year 6 students in 2019

New students commencing in Year 6 in 2019 will progress straight to the SCGS BYOD Program.

Grammar’s technology landscape has continually evolved over the past decade.  Whilst mobile devices have been available for students in the form of netbooks and laptops, BYOD fulfils the personalised mobile device experience for student learning in today’s progressive digital culture.

SCGS 2019 BYOD Digital Learning Handbook

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