Discovering a world of opportunity

It is an extremely exciting time to be part of the Grammar community and I feel so fortunate to be appointed as the school’s first Dean of Co-Curriculum midway through 2022.

At Grammar, we offer such a wide range of quality co-curricular programs that enrich the experiences and education of our students. Additionally, there are also many new opportunities to be explored as we look to discover pursuits that will ignite and support our student’s individual passions.

Sunshine Coast Grammar School’s new Strategic Design (2023-2026), along with our shared vision and goals, provides a framework moving forward over the next four years. Our co-curricular programs are supported by our five strategic pillars:

Personalised Education

Providing opportunities for students to discover and pursue their passions is central to our co-curricular offerings.  On top of the many opportunities that currently exist we will look to grow across these broad areas:

  • Music
  • Creative Industries
  • Sport
  • Community/Service
  • Global Pathways
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Creative Minds

Faith, Service and Wellness

Grammar has excelled in this space with signature programs such as Grammar Helping Hands. Moving forward we will look to explore new opportunities to serve both people and the planet that are underpinned by our strong Christian values.


Challenging students to pursue their passions by exploring emerging technologies and igniting their creative minds will be a focus under this pillar. We also aim to create leaders who advocate for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and to assist students to discover a collective and individual sense of purpose.

Stewardship and Future Focus

Developing programs that assist our students to develop a culture that focuses on sustainability is central to this pillar. Embracing change and developing new ways of thinking is also important to ensure our students are future-focused. It is crucial to explore various opportunities that connect our students globally to achieve these goals.

Celebrating Community

Our co-curricular programs are places where we create and foster communities. Whether it is chess, debating or tennis; creating strong and connected communities should be central to all our programs. Helping students “find their tribe” and celebrating student and program successes is an important part of this strategic pillar.

Grammar is a place where we aim to develop and nurture great people. Our co-curricular offerings are an important vehicle that helps make this happen. I’m looking forward to sharing the journey with you.

By Dean of Co-curriculum, Mr Mark Henricks