At Grammar Early Learning we ensure a personal learning journey is designed for each child through a wide range of age-appropriate activities that allow our children to explore, investigate, listen and problem solve. Play based experiences allow our children to make sense of the world in which they live, form relationships, resolve conflicts and learn social skills.

Spontaneous learning activities relevant to a child’s age provide our children opportunities to develop academically, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

We Believe:

Early Childhood education is an integral part of our children’s learning journey
Developing strong relationships enables our children to learn best
Engaging in meaningful education experiences in a flexible environment, motivates our children
Collaboration and communication with our families supports the learning journey


Kindergarten is perfect for children who will be sharing their journey with us before they progress on to Prep at school. Our Kindergarten program includes:

Grammar school numeracy


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Science and Sustainability

Science and Sustainability

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school sport


Grammar School Library

Library Visits

Sunshine Coast Grammar School Christian Studies

Christian celebrations

Grammar school computer

Computer and iPad

Grammar School excursion

Excursions to Sunshine Coast Grammar School and other local community places of interest

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Fresh and nutritious gourmet food

Grammar Early Learning offers Queensland Kindergarten Approved rooms designed specifically for 4 to 6 year olds. Kindergarten is perfect for all children who are 12-18 months away from starting school.

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Early Learning Centre Testimonials

We are extremely pleased with ELC’s exceptional care and the significant progress our children have made. The additional effort from the ELC team is evident in their development, with both of them, including Brock, showing remarkable boosts in confidence and readiness for their next educational steps.
Joshua Barton
We have two kids that attend the centre and this is now our 4th year. We did attend another centre for a short period but missed Grammar ELC so much we came back and couldn’t be happier! There are minimal staff changes which means we are familiar with every educator there and they know all the children. The number of…
Brooke & Trevor Smith
We moved to Queensland earlier this year and are in awe of the care and love given to both our children, Jack and Isla. The teachers seem to appreciate my children’s individuality and understand their challenges, the progress we’ve seen in both of them through the year has been wonderful.  We are so grateful to have a safe and fun…
Kate Taylor
We couldn’t want a better place of care and education for our son. We have complete confidence dropping him to Grammar Early Learning Centre that he will be very well looked after and leave each day with a happy child. What more could we want as parents.
Ellie O’Hara
Riley has been at Grammar Early Learning Centre for over 18 months. She loves her teachers and has developed beautiful friendships with the other children. It has been wonderful to experience the warm and friendly atmosphere at the centre, each time we drop off and pick up! The teachers go out of their way for each child and shows genuine…
Liana Simpson