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Grammar Helping Hands

Grammar Helping Hands is a school based program which gives students the opportunity to get involved in community service at the ground level.

Inspired by programs such as ‘Random Acts of Kindness’, Grammar Helping Hands is about promoting servant leadership, giving time, not just money and looking for opportunities to reach out to others who need a helping hand.

Grammar Helping Hands plays a big part in extending the Christian outreach of the School into our local community. A key theme when describing Grammar Helping Hands would be ‘service above self’, encouraging servant leaders who are willing to serve with humility and graciousness.

The program so far has been infectious with word spreading like wildfire amongst our students of how rewarding it is to be involved in such a fabulous school-based community activity where others receive great blessing from the assistance they are given.

Grammar Helping Hands is committed to helping those less fortunate through regular household and backyard makeovers and through assisting a range of local charities in their work.

If you, your family or business would like to be involved in this wonderful service based initiative please contact Mr Ben Princehorn, Coordinator of Community Services, at the school. bprincehorn@scgs.qld.edu.au

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