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The Arts @ Grammar

Students studying the Arts at Grammar have the opportunity to experience a range of disciplines.

Through the Arts, students learn to express their ideas, thoughts and opinions as they discover and interpret the world. Here at SCGS we encourage students to reach their creative and expressive potential.

Visual Art

Our Visual Art program offers students an eclectic range of material and conceptual experiences and a diversity of colourful, dynamic learning environments. Students are encouraged to produce art works of developing depth and maturity. They will be given opportunities to create, reflect, challenge, ritualise, collaborate, critique and celebrate.

Our Visual Art students will study the past, unpack the present and look into the future to make images and objects from informed perspectives. Visual Arts learning provides students with opportunities to engage with creative industries and arts professionals. The Visual Art program contributes to the development of a confident and creative individual, nurturing and challenging so they become informed citizens.

Primary Speech and Drama Program

The Primary Speech and Drama program provides students with opportunities to explore and express ideas and feelings. The program aims to develop clear and effective speech and communication skills, build confidence and self-esteem and support and enhance oral and dramatic presentations. Students will be immersed in learning experiences including articulation, voice techniques, choral speaking, everyday speech, improvisation, script, Drama games, creative movement, mask and mime, role play, puppetry, monologues and performance.

Secondary Drama

The Secondary Drama program provides students with the opportunity to develop higher intellectual skills, empathy, social, linguistic and communication competencies. Through the study of Drama at Grammar, students are provided with experiences which develop self-confidence, self-discipline and social skills. The study of Drama is a unique way for students to blend intellectual and emotional experience, in order to help define their identity both within their own community and broader society.

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