Forward-thinking introducing our Strategic Design 2023-2026

When visualising the next four years of growth at Sunshine Coast Grammar School, we see a school community looking purposefully to a future of distinction. Our aim is to be creative and ambitious, supported by progressive thinking about the place and value of education in an increasingly complex world.

When engaging with stakeholders to develop Sunshine Coast Grammar School’s new Strategic Design (2023-2026), we reflected upon the challenges faced by educators – now even more heightened following the COVID-19 pandemic – as we emerge and consider our new environment. It was important to think big to ensure our Grammar learners are prepared for a future of their choosing.

To achieve this, we must ask ourselves some challenging questions: What place does digital and flexible learning have now? How do we compete in the age of artificial intelligence? How do we equip students with the skills required for professions not yet imagined?

This new Strategic Design transitions us from a young, emerging school and builds upon the foundations created by the goals and achievements of our first 25 years. From this solid base we can make great strides in the next four years – transforming into a mature, leading educational institution with a wide sphere of influence.

The evolution of Grammar will come to fruition through our shared mission, vision, values and guiding foundations, viewed through the lens of our commitment to the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association (PMSA). This will be supported by five strategic pillars that will guide our focus in the years to come.

  • Personalised Education
  • Faith, Service and Wellness
  • Exploration
  • Business Stewardship and Focus
  • Celebrating Community

The learning community at Grammar is designed to deliver a personalised education by providing a wide range of opportunities to identify, ignite and support students’ individual passions.

Our signature education offerings, alliances, curricular and co­ curricular programs are designed to provide a dynamic and immersive learning experience for students to explore, challenge themselves and take risks in a supportive environment.

The interactions we have with one another form the culture of our school. These relationships are guided by values and ethics that support faith, service, and wellness – all underpinned by our Christian values in action.

We apply an adaptable approach to education that is future-focused, embraces change and investigates new ways of thinking and working to positively shape the leaders of tomorrow.

It is a priority for our students to contribute to, and remain connected to, the world around them by immersing themselves in and celebrating community at all stages of life as the Grammar journey does not stop once our students leave the school gates.

It is implicit that our excitement for, and commitment to, the future of Sunshine Coast Grammar is supported by regular and transparent reporting on our progress so that we continue positive, forward momentum across the next four years.

We look to the future with great enthusiasm, hope and confidence, providing our students with the pathways to achieve a life of distinction.

By Principal, Mrs Anna Owen