Grammar community remains connected

Despite the many challenges communities across our region are being faced with as a result of the ever-changing Covid-19 health pandemic, teachers at Sunshine Coast Grammar School are getting ready to head back to the classroom next Tuesday, 21 April delivering learning experiences to students in the online space.

Teachers and support staff have been working tirelessly since the end of Term 1 testing online lesson delivery and finalising materials and resources to support parents and students during this period of remote learning.

One of the key outcomes during this transition is to focus on students, staff and parents staying connected to one another in the virtual realm.  While the terms ‘isolation’ and ‘social distancing’ are becoming the norm, Sunshine Coast Grammar School is working on ensuring their community feels supported and connected to one another through a central purpose.

Sunshine Coast Grammar School will continue to lead, guide and support student learning in both familiar and innovative ways. They will continue to monitor, assess and respond to any updated advice from authorities, while also listening and acting on the feedback of their students, teachers and parents in the weeks ahead.

Teaching teams and support staff deserve to be commended for the way they have risen to this immense challenge, developing learning solutions and programs in record time.

Consistent with Australian and Queensland Government advice Sunshine Coast Grammar School will be open to supervise learning online, giving priority to vulnerable students and the children of parents working in essential services.

Principal at Sunshine Coast Grammar School, Mrs Maria Woods is committed to maintaining student learning during the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing provision of a positive learning environment for all students.

Sunshine Coast Grammar School will also adhere to the latest advice on physical distancing, hygiene and sanitisation to safeguard the health of their students and staff who are on campus.