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My name is Pastor Jon Taylor and I have had the privilege of being School Chaplain at Sunshine Coast Grammar School since moving to the Sunshine Coast from Sydney in 2008.

My father is an Anglican Minister in Sydney and I was brought up in this tradition but chose to come to faith in my own time as a 12 year old when I accepted Christianity as truth and began to develop a personal relationship with God.

I am trained as a Primary School Teacher and also have a degree in Theology. I have worked in two schools in Sydney, originally as a Year 3 teacher then as a Christian Studies teacher moving eventually into School Chaplaincy. One of my main aims as School Chaplain is to get alongside people and build relationships, helping them through the journey of life. Since I’ve been at Sunshine Coast Grammar School, I have had the pleasure of conducting hundreds of Chapel Services, including several weddings. I am very grateful for the opportunity to assist in launching the ‘Grammar Helping Hands’ group, a great example of servant leadership and faith in action.

My role involves leading Chapel services for all Year groups P-12 and for families, and a pastoral role for all families across the school campus.

I oversee the teaching of Christian Studies across all Grades P-12. Our students are informed about the life, death and rising of Jesus Christ and given the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with God through Jesus. The lessons are based on our Christian values of relationships, care, personal development, ethics, excellence and celebration.

JOLT (Jesus Over Lunch Time) is a voluntary Christian group for students. At JOLT students open the Bible and discuss issues relevant to life in today’s contemporary society.

Family Services are held once per term and these services are informal, contemporary and Christ-focussed.

Should you have any questions with regards to the Christian program at school please contact Pastor Taylor on jtaylor@scgs.qld.edu.au

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