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Student Well-Being


At Sunshine Coast Grammar School the recognition and celebration of each individual is central to uncovering and discovering passion and potential. Each child’s social and emotional wellbeing is supported and nurtured. Students are supported by their class teacher and specialist teachers, two Assistant Heads of Primary School, the Head of Primary School, an School Psychologist, and School Chaplain and through a variety of in-class programs.

Social and personal learning are taught within the classroom. Students develop social capabilities, positive behaviour management, and conflict resolution strategies. They are taught to distinguish between social conflict and bullying.

Programs include:

  • Orientation Programs
  • Welcome Programs
  • Buddy Programs
  • Transition and Cubs to Lions
  • Student Mentors
  • Program Achieve
  • Digital Citizenship

Additional optional programs supported by ‘Kids Matter’ are offered to selected students through our School Psychologist.


At Sunshine Coast Grammar School we believe that in order for our students to experience success, be it academic, cultural or sporting, it is important that they feel a part of the school community. We aim to build a community within the school that fosters supportive systems and positive relationships between all members of the community, and promotes a strong ethos of mutual care and concern.

The aim of our Student Wellbeing Program is to:

  • Promote health and wellbeing
  • Build resilience
  • Enhance academic care
  • Build relationships

In order to accomplish this Sunshine Coast Grammar School has a well-structured Student Wellbeing Program where there is a number of staff involved in all aspects of our students’ school life. In the Secondary School, the Student Wellbeing structure is horizontal in nature with a Head of Year responsible for overseeing the welfare of the students in their Year group. Each Head of Year is supported by a team of Form Teachers.

Form groups meet with their Form teachers each morning. An extended Form period is held on Thursday mornings, when a variety of Student Wellbeing activities take place. The Heads of Year are supported by the Dean of Students, Chaplain, and the School Psychologist.


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