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Statement from the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association

Date: November 2, 2017    Posted by: Megan Meineke

The Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association (PMSA) today noted the meeting held last night by some parents and community members to discuss a number of issues relating to the governing of the four PMSA schools.

The Chairman of the PMSA, Greg Adsett, said the PMSA had been communicating directly with the parents and the communities of the four schools within the group – Somerville House, Brisbane Boys’ College, Clayfield College and the Sunshine Coast Grammar School – and would continue to do so.

“We respect the right of school parents and other members of the community to discuss and raise issues of concern and we welcome their input and suggestions,” Mr Adsett said.

“The PMSA is sorry that a number of issues have caused frustration and concern among our school communities, especially parents. We are committed to the ongoing improvement of our governance processes to ensure they meet contemporary expectations.

“As we have been doing for the past 99 years, the PMSA has and will continue to focus on the best interest of our more than 5,000 students, over 1000 staff and of course, our parents, school supporters and alumni.

“Our mission, guided and upheld by our Christian values, is at the very heart of what makes our school communities strong, viable and successful. We acknowledge that we have been slow to explain our position to our school communities and will work harder to be more responsive to the concerns expressed by those communities,” Mr Adsett said.

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