Students achieve top ATAR results

The results are in! A time of great anticipation for thousands of school-leavers, as they eagerly await their Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR). 2021 has seen eligible Year 12 students across Queensland awarded with results ranging in decreasing increments of 0.05 from 99.95 down to 30.

Sunshine Coast Grammar School is delighted to acknowledge Eloise Lawrie as one of those top-performing students with a score of 99.80.  The graduating class of 2021 were among the top in the state with 9% scoring in the top 1% with an ATAR 99 or above.

Sunshine Coast Grammar School students have excelled in their academic pursuits with approximately 30% achieving a ranking score of 95 or above and 57% of students achieving an ATAR of 90 or above.  While  90% of students scored 80 or above.

The realisation of hard work and commitment has finally paid off for these students as the journey they once only dreamed of is now about to become a reality, which for many of these young men and women is going on to pursue their passion in medicine, law, performing arts or finance.

Principal at Sunshine Coast Grammar School, Mrs Maria Woods is delighted with the results which are some of the best in Queensland.

“The results achieved are a reflection of the dedication and positive attitude students have displayed towards their studies. We are incredibly proud of our Year 12 cohort and congratulate them on their outstanding achievements,” said Mrs Woods.

“2021 has been an extraordinary year and we acknowledge the efforts of all of our students.  Parents have expressed their deep gratitude to the Grammar staff for their dedication to their sons and daughters. Our goal has been to encourage, challenge and nurture students so that they can pursue their dreams beyond school.”

“Success comes in many forms and as a School it is our goal for every graduating Year 12 student to be working or studying towards a career that not only values their talents, but for which they also have a real passion and purpose. We encourage each and every student to go confidently in the direction of their dreams, to work hard and to realise their full potential in the next phase of their unique journey.  Congratulations to the Class of 2021,” said Mrs Woods.