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Students excel in Japanese Language Proficiency Test

Date: February 13, 2018    Posted by: Megan Meineke

In an increasingly globalised community, schools have recognised the need to foster an environment that promotes multilingual learning, which has seen the language program at Sunshine Coast Grammar go from strength to strength in recent years.

Two senior students at the school recently travelled to Brisbane to complete the internationally recognised Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), which assesses students according to levels N5 through to N1.  N1 is the highest level which means you can comprehend 2,000 Kanji (characters) and 10,000 words.

Year 12 student Roi McGuinness passed the N1 and Matthew Cronk passed the N4 Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

Japanese Language Teacher at Sunshine Coast Grammar School, Mrs Elizabeth Suzuki was thrilled with their results stating that for a high school student to achieve an N4 level is very impressive.

“Matthew set this as a goal after his three month exchange to Shohei High School in Japan during 2017 and Roi’s results are absolutely incredible as this now ensures that his Japanese is on par with a native speaker,” said Mrs Suzuki.

“We also had one other student Jordan Lucas (Yr12) sit this test last year and achieve a N4 after her exchange at the end of 2016.”

“The JLPT qualification is internationally recognised and is the most well-known measure of proficiency. It is also impressive that these students have taken this on in addition to their already busy Year 12 study load.”

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