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Year 5 Market Day focuses on entrepreneurship

Date: November 21, 2018    Posted by: Megan Meineke

If you were given $10, what would you do with it? At Sunshine Coast Grammar School, this is the ultimate entrepreneurial challenge for Year 5 students as

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Students pursue passion for Market Day

Date: November 15, 2017    Posted by: Megan Meineke

It’s incredible to see what a bunch of Year 5 students can do with a whole lot of passion and a ten dollar note. From shoe polishing

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Entrepreneur inspires passion in students ahead of Market Day

Date: October 13, 2017    Posted by: Megan Meineke

Students at Sunshine Coast Grammar are excited to welcome local businesswoman and entrepreneur, Steph Gabriel founder of Oceanzen, on Wednesday, October 18 to talk about what it

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