Finding joy in helping others

Volunteering is a powerful act of kindness that can impact the lives of others and also fill our hearts with joy and satisfaction. At Sunshine Coast Grammar School, we are proud and honoured of our community that exemplifies the spirit of Grammar Pride. Throughout our school, we have many support groups made up of parent volunteers who generously give their time and expertise to support our students and their endeavours.

We recently sat down with Grammar parent, Danyelle Mailer, who shared her passion for giving back to the community. Danyelle has volunteered her time as Treasurer for the Music Support Group for the last five years and also enjoys the sporting arena as a netball coach. Outside of Grammar, Danyelle has also been supporting Meals on Wheels at Coolum.

“I take great pride in seeing students flourish through music and sporting opportunities and providing support to the elderly members of our community so they feel valued.”

Danyelle’s volunteering journey has been filled with memorable moments, often marked by overcoming challenges together as a team, noting that the moments filled with laughter continue to make her smile.

“My fondest memories haven’t been when everything ran smoothly but rather when challenges arose and the team rallied together to overcome them.”

Danyelle shared that she finds immense joy in the collective achievements and the strong sense of community that volunteering fosters. The benefits she receives extend beyond tangible outcomes, adding a profound meaning to her life.

Reflecting on her years of service, Danyelle believes volunteering gives people a sense of purpose and fulfillment as they contribute to a cause larger than themselves. Volunteering also provides the opportunity to connect with like-minded people, and develop friendships and new skills.

“Through my volunteering experience, I have realised that being of service to others is the most fulfilling reward.  Service and joy are intertwined, and fortunately, it’s an ongoing journey that keeps filling my bucket,” reflects Danyelle.

Danyelle’s dedication and the memories she has created along the way are a testament to the magic that volunteering can bring into our lives and that together, we can continue to make a positive difference in our community.

Thank you Danyelle for your dedication and time spent volunteering within our community. Danyelle’s efforts make a significant difference to our students and foster a supportive community environment.