Grammar Alumni receives Academic Excellence prize

At Sunshine Coast Grammar School, we value the connections we have with our Alumni network and always enjoy hearing from past students and celebrating their adventures and achievements.

We recently sat down with past student, Mikaela Mulveney who has continued to display passion and pride in her endeavours since graduating from Grammar and was awarded the Suellen Topher Academic Excellence Prize from The Women’s College, within the University of Queensland.

The Academic Prize is awarded to Women’s College residents based on their cumulative university results, acknowledging and celebrating the next generation of young women exhibiting academic excellence.

‘I feel extremely privileged to be receiving this award from two of Suellen’s closest friends and grateful that our hard work as student journalists is being recognised,’ said Mikaela.

Mikaela is studying a Bachelor of Communications (Journalism) and is enjoying the interactive and practical nature of the degree.

‘University has given me so many opportunities in my chosen career path and to understand where I want to progress moving forward,’ said Mikaela.

‘I am interested in following print journalism or radio broadcasting and pairing that with travel.’

A Life Long Learner of Sunshine Coast Grammar School, Mikaela started her Grammar journey in Prep and graduated Year 12 in 2020.

‘Some of my favourite memories are the winter fairs, walkathons, and all athletics and swimming carnivals.’

‘Our final swimming carnival was a highlight where we crowd surfed Sean Eshaghi across all four houses. Mr Macleod-Paterson loved it!’

In addition to her studies, Mikaela works multiple jobs, including Nova Radio, coaching netball and tutoring high school students.

‘Finding the balance between work, study and friends is a challenge but I am in a good rhythm now and really enjoying it.’

During her time at Grammar, Mikaela was a dedicated student and her passion for learning has only continued to increase during her time at University. 

‘The biggest lesson I learned so far is that we can make many important connections at University that can potentially be pivotal in your career moving forward. I have got a lot of benefit out of being involved in my tutorials with my peers and tutors.’

We are grateful to have a strong alumni community and it is wonderful to be able to celebrate the milestones and achievements of our past students. For Grammar teachers, there is no greater joy than assisting students to develop, perform and achieve individual goals and personal aspirations.