Discovering the Future of Industrial Technologies

The Technology Department offers a suite of subjects comprising Design, Industrial Technology, Design Technology, Graphics, Digital Technology and Certificate II in Engineering.

There are plenty of new and exciting innovations in the Technology Department in 2023 which are allowing students to expand their creativity while enhancing their computer and programming skills.

In recent years, we have seen a significant shift in the use of technology, and new advancements have emerged that have revolutionised various industries. The Technology Department uses some of these advancements in technology including laser cutting, 3D printing, drone technology and the latest CADD (Computer-Aided Design and Drafting) applications. Students are also exposed to emerging technology development through projects such as solar-powered boats, CO2 dragsters and drone automation (programming).

Laser cutting is one of the most innovative advancements in manufacturing technology. It involves using a high-powered laser to cut materials, including metal, wood, and plastic. The precision and accuracy of laser cutting are unparalleled, and our Year 8 to 12 students are using it for cutting intricate designs and patterns in a variety of materials. This technology is widely used in the automotive, aerospace, and jewellery industries, among others.

Our industry-standard CADD software applications, 3D printers and the new laser cutter will certainly further enhance Sunshine Coast Grammar Schools’ reputation as a leading school in technology and innovation.

A huge thank you to Mr Hans Van Dorsselaer, Ms Faye Fearon, Mr Ben Dutton, Mr Ben Stewart, Mr Gavin Summers and Mrs Carey Warhurst who are the amazing hardworking staff of the department, who shoulder the responsibility of delivering the incredible innovations and curriculum to our students.

By Mr Steve Moulds
Acting Head of Technology