Inspired Grammar Students Take on TechGirls Movement

A group of inspiring, young change agents from Sunshine Coast Grammar School teamed up with STEM leaders, TechGirls Movement Foundation and Enterprising Girls to explore the world of entrepreneurialism and participate in team-based workshops to design digital solutions to community problems.  

29 students in Years 5 and 6 identified important local issues and spent the day brainstorming and creating app flow diagrams and designs for mental health and mindfulness, responsible pet ownership and pollution.

Students gained a hands-on learning experience and connected with technology in a meaningful and life-changing way that students could identify with.

“I really enjoyed working in my team to design an app called Sea Savers. It is aimed to raise awareness of waste in our waterways. We aim to build a range of interactive games, quizzes and information for people to learn how to care for our waterways” said Year 5 student, Sahana.

After a day of design, creative thinking, collaboration and problem-solving, the young tech leaders pitched their business ideas to a panel, including the TechGirls Facilitator and Principal, Mrs Anna Owen.

By providing immediate personal feedback to each group, the panel was able to encourage each team and provide specific feedback for the next phase. 

The TechGirls Project will continue on a weekly basis; checking in with a mentor online and working in their collaborative teams to design and build their own app.