Our vision for learning

This vision is exemplified in all that we do and are at Sunshine Coast Grammar School. We have made a purposeful commitment to high quality education and our staff are passionate about their own professional practice to ensure our school is well equipped to support student achievement in all endeavours.

At Grammar we have a mindset for the future and a vision for powerful learning – creating ethical, responsible and caring citizens of the world


With our total commitment to positive, professional relationships, we value:


Courage | Resilience | Integrity | Empathy | Relationships

Addressing all dimensions of wellness (emotional, physical, nutritional, environmental and spiritual) in our lives builds a holistic sense of wellbeing and fulfillment. Wellbeing and Resilience are enhanced with a focus on critical life skills such as; the ability to recognise and regulate one’s own emotions, establish and maintain positive and respectful relationships, make responsible decisions, effectively problem solve and apply individual character strengths.

Through these critical skills, we cultivate a culture where all are motivated to pursue their purpose and thrive in an everchanging world.


Creativity | Growth Mindset | Curiosity | Success

Our learning environment promotes curiosity and creativity, as well as growing confident, capable and successful individuals. The world our children will inherit is a world of complexity and ever-changing innovation. A world where it is insufficient to have knowledge and ideas without a positive growth mindset and skill set to apply knowledge and implement ideas. It is essential to foster the cultivation of an adaptive mindset and skillset set, that together with knowledge from traditional disciplines will equip all to embrace change as opportunity.


Care | Partnerships | Service

We all contribute to build an inclusive community of belonging, connection, mutual care and respect. We all participate in the community at a range of levels including the development of partnerships and service from local, to global.


Gratitude | Forgiveness | Love | Humility | Compassion | Honour

At the heart of our Christian faith in action are our six values underpinning Christian identity. With a strong focus on relationships, we encourage all to live with honour, humility, compassion, gratitude, love and forgiveness.


The following pedagogical principles translate our vision and values into school wide teaching and learning practice.


Learning is personalised to increase engagement, achievement and personal growth. 

A commitment to recognising, appreciating, and catering for the variety of characteristics that make individuals unique is key to learner success. Tailoring student learning matches learning needs and supports the development of personal passions and interests. 


When learning is relevant and students are engaged in class, they learn more. It is vital that teachers create the right classroom climate for learning: raising student expectations; developing a rapport with students; establishing routines; challenging students to participate and take risks. These all affect how much their students engage and learn.


Reflection is an integral part of the learning process. It allows students to learn more about themselves and how they learn. Reflection provides an opportunity for feedback and feedforward conversations, as well as the creation of meaningful connections for deep learning.


Learning at Grammar is designed as a continuous pathway. This implies whole school alignment of curriculum and pedagogy, and a shared responsibility for student learning realised through a strong team approach. 

Meaningful connections are also the result of connecting with prior learning and the application of new knowledge into different contexts. 

In a digitised world, learning is connected through technology.

We are also connected as a Grammar learning community through positive, professional relationships, and a personal relationship with Christ. As global citizens we aim to develop internationally minded people who, recognise their common Humanity, embed sustainable practices, and help to create a better and more peaceful world.


We are extremely pleased with ELC’s exceptional care and the significant progress our children have made. The additional effort from the ELC team is evident in their development, with both of them, including Brock, showing remarkable boosts in confidence and readiness for their next educational steps.
Joshua Barton
Each of us are truly blessed to teach, learn and play alongside such passionate, respectful and caring people every day at Grammar. To share each day with staff, students and their families in a school community built solidly on service above self and looking outwards to others is indeed humbling.
Ben Princehorn
I am privileged to have worked at Sunshine Coast Grammar School since 1999. I enjoy working with like-minded people who are passionate about the education of young people. Sunshine Coast Grammar School provides students with the opportunities that will allow each individual to reach their true potential. I believe in a Grammar education so much, my son will spend his…
Jeannie Baxter-Reid, Teacher and Parent
We have two kids that attend the centre and this is now our 4th year. We did attend another centre for a short period but missed Grammar ELC so much we came back and couldn’t be happier! There are minimal staff changes which means we are familiar with every educator there and they know all the children. The number of…
Brooke & Trevor Smith
We couldn’t want a better place of care and education for our son. We have complete confidence dropping him to Grammar Early Learning Centre that he will be very well looked after and leave each day with a happy child. What more could we want as parents.
Ellie O’Hara
Riley has been at Grammar Early Learning Centre for over 18 months. She loves her teachers and has developed beautiful friendships with the other children. It has been wonderful to experience the warm and friendly atmosphere at the centre, each time we drop off and pick up! The teachers go out of their way for each child and shows genuine…
Liana Simpson
We moved to Queensland earlier this year and are in awe of the care and love given to both our children, Jack and Isla. The teachers seem to appreciate my children’s individuality and understand their challenges, the progress we’ve seen in both of them through the year has been wonderful.  We are so grateful to have a safe and fun…
Kate Taylor
Our family relocated from Hong Kong to the Sunshine Coast five years ago. When looking for a suitable school we chose Sunshine Coast Grammar because of its reputation and balance for academic and sporting excellence. We fell in love with the grounds and superb facilities at the school. The boys are all involved heavily with the music program and finding…
Goulter Family
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