Retiring staff member – Dale Alderson, School Registrar

As one of the longest-serving employees of Sunshine Coast Grammar School, Dale Alderson is retiring after 25 illustrious years. We caught up with Dale to talk about her favourite memories here at Grammar and what this next chapter will look like for her.

1. How has the school changed in your time?

Infrastructure wise, the school has changed dramatically – as you would expect over 25 years.  We started with Years 1 – 7 and built on a year level each year after that.  The enrolment numbers for the school when it commenced were such that we were the fastest-growing Independent School in Queensland.

Our school community were very ‘hands on’ in the first couple of years to get things up and running.  It was a very dynamic and supportive community and I’m pleased that the same supportive community still exists at Grammar.

2. What memorable moments from SCGS will stay with you?

My memorable moments will always come back to the children and young people that we deal with on a daily basis.  From the daily interactions right through to the big moments like the Year 12 Walk of Honour. As each group of outstanding Year 12’s graduate, I’ve thought ‘we’ll never replace them’ but every year we do. We are very fortunate here at Grammar with the children we get to work with on a daily basis.  Our families do a great job.

3. Your two children completed their education at Grammar, what does that mean to you?

It certainly gives a greater sense of connection to their education and the school if your own children have lived all things Grammar and you’ve been on hand to witness that on a daily basis. In my role, it has made it much easier to speak with confidence and sincerity about all that we offer here at Grammar and the great people who are responsible for the educational journey. I’ve worked with and continue to work with some amazing staff.

4. What is in store for you next?

I’m hoping the gift of time is what’s in store for me next.  Having time to pursue my other interests; focus on my health and well-being; do some travel and time to spend with my new baby granddaughter who will be arriving in a couple of months.

5. What are you most looking forward to?

Hands down – my new baby granddaughter!

From everyone here at Grammar, we wish Dale every success and happiness in her new chapter. Retirement will surely bring many new opportunities and we know Dale will embrace them wholeheartedly, just as she has here at Grammar for the last 25 years.