Students showcase entrepreneurial spirit at Sunshine Coast Grammar School Market Day

A wave of enthusiasm and creativity is sweeping through Sunshine Coast Grammar School’s Year 5 cohort as students prepare to unveil their entrepreneurial ventures at the highly anticipated annual Market Day on Wednesday, 22 November.

With just a ten-dollar note and an abundance of passion, the young entrepreneurs are eager to showcase a diverse range of products.

From beeswax lip balm to hand-made keyrings and engaging game stalls, students have spared no effort in bringing their innovative ideas to life.

The Market Day is a culmination of their Entrepreneurship Program, where students have honed their business skills, creativity, and teamwork.

Working in pairs, students have developed business plans, product development, logo designs and marketing and promotional strategies. The results of their hard work are set to captivate their peers, staff and parents.

Sunshine Coast Grammar School Head of Primary, Mr Craig Angel expressed his excitement about the Entrepreneurship Unit, emphasising its role in providing students with hands-on experience in the world of business.

“There is a lot for the students to consider when setting up their small businesses but they have been carefully guided through the process to ensure life-long skills are developed and special memories are created,” said Mr Angel.

The Market Day serves as a platform for students to experience the independence of being business owners and develop their leadership and interpersonal skills.

“We are excited to see what the students have come up with and how they have transferred their knowledge into creating a successful small business,” said Mr Angel.

Beyond the entrepreneurial endeavours, the Market Day also fosters a sense of community engagement with all funds raised going towards the school’s community service program Grammar Helping Hands and their Backpacks for The Shack Christmas Appeal. This reinforces the student’s understanding of the impact their business endeavours can have on the broader community.