Working with highly accomplished and lead teachers

Three Sunshine Coast Grammar School teachers have recently achieved their National Accredited Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher (HALT) Qualification.

We are thrilled to congratulate and recognise Ms Meg Dunstan, Ms Christine Potts and Mr Joe Watson on their outstanding achievements.  

The Certification is overseen by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) and provides a way for outstanding school teachers to be recognised for their expertise and their impact on colleagues and students.

As a leading independent coeducational school, we give our best to be the best and staff are encouraged to pursue their individual areas of interest and passion. The School is proud to assist in the development of its teaching staff.

‘Grammar has always provided me with the freedom to initiate programs and take on leadership roles to improve my practice and support my colleagues,’ said Mr Watson.

Mr Watson has been teaching at Grammar for 13 years and is currently Head of Year 5 and Teacher in Charge of Grammar’s Chess Club.

‘I love teaching and being in the classroom. Going through the HALT certification process has cemented all of the things I was already doing to support my colleagues and the School,’ said Mr Watson.

‘I believe that every student is different and must have an inspiring educational environment where they can grow mentally, socially and emotionally.’

Through our Grammar Secondary Program, we have made a purposeful commitment to high-quality education, and our staff are passionate about their own professional practice to ensure our School is well-equipped to support student achievement in all endeavours.

Teaching at Grammar since 2012, Ms Potts has been an integral part of our English Faculty. Ms Potts completed her Masters of Education in 2019 and is currently the Site Coordinator for Pre-Service Teachers.

‘My colleagues have been a big support. Through their encouragement, I have been able to become the teacher I am today and I am very grateful,’ said Ms Potts.

Teachers applying for the certification undergo a rigorous evaluation process that involves gathering evidence of their teaching practices, classroom observations as well as peer and student reviews.

‘The Lead Teacher qualification is a rigorous, reflective process in which I found value, and I look forward to sharing my experience with colleagues who wish to pursue national accreditation,’ said Ms Dunstan.

Teaching at Grammar since 2007, Ms Dunstan has taken on a number of different positions and is currently teaching English and Ancient History, and is also the Debating Co-Ordinator.

‘My approach to education is built on relationships and understanding. I believe deeply in the potential of every individual and this is a driving force in my character and in my teaching.’ 

HALT-qualified teachers lead from the classroom to improve student outcomes and impact the practice of colleagues. At Grammar, we are very fortunate to have high-calibre teaching staff and through their hard work and dedication, foster positive partnerships and unique learning opportunities to promote and enhance professional learning and well-being.