Xander Minzenmay – UN Youth Leader Program

Year 12 student, Xander Minzenmay was one of 30 high-school students across Australia to be selected in The Emerging Leaders Program with UN Youth Australia earlier this year.

The Program is highly competitive and involves a written application as well as an interview with the Chief International Operations Officer of UN Youth Australia to discuss students’ thoughts on international diplomacy and potential global risks to Australia. It is a great achievement to have been chosen for this delegation.

“I was so honoured to be chosen out of the many applicants. I applied because I have an interest in diplomacy and I believe it is important to understand foreign relations to navigate the evolving nature of our society”, said Xander.

The young leaders went on a six-day online tour of Asia to explore how Japan, Vietnam, and Taiwan have responded to conflict since 1950. They also looked at Australia’s role in regional engagement on economic and political levels.

Each day of the program was based around a different country and conflict and hosted by a speaker with University Research or Political Journalism background. Xander participated in discussions, debates and workshops to determine the best solution to resolve global issues, including the Vietnam War, the trade war between South Korea and Japan as well as the relationship between China and Taiwan.

“My favourite part of the program was listening to the University Lecturers. I have a better understanding of international diplomacy and relations now and it has inspired me to work towards a career in international relations”, said Xander.