Year 12 Visual Art Farewell Exhibition: A showcase of emerging talent

The culmination of years of dedication, creativity and hard work was on full display at this year’s Year 12 Art Farewell Exhibition, where the graduating Visual Art students presented their final pieces to family and friends.

The Exhibition held last week in our purpose-built Visual Art Building, offered a captivating glimpse into the minds of our young artists, revealing their unique perspectives and innovative approaches, inspired by stimuli from the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA).

The artists skilfully channelled their individual perspectives to create works that transcend traditional boundaries. From canvas to sculptures, each exhibit weaves a distinct narrative, inviting you to immerse yourself into the artist’s inner world and unique viewpoints.

Congratulations to all students for presenting their final art pieces. We are thrilled to acknowledge this year’s award recipients for their outstanding contributions:

Award Recipients

Principal’s Choice Award – Mia V “The Cost of Corruption”

An artwork that symbolises and represents the impact of corruption in South Africa.

Highly Commended – Zoe W

This artwork explores the comforts we seek through hardships and the sensory concept of having a cup of tea to process our experiences.

People’s Choice Award – Imogen L “Never Forgotten”

The glow-in-the-dark clay jellyfish installation symbolise the scars we have from experiences that may heal but are never forgotten and sometimes glow or surface in the dark.  

At Grammar, we encourage students to reach their creative and expressive potential. The Visual Art Building unveiled in 2021, was meticulously designed to create an environment that fosters creativity, skill development and artistic exploration that transforms students’ creative aspirations into reality. Through the Arts, students learn to express their ideas, thoughts and opinions as they discover and interpret the world.

The Year 12 Farewell Exhibition celebrates the journey of our young artists and provides a glimpse into the future of the art world, a future that promises to be rich with diversity, talent and boundless creativity.