Passionate change makers and a lasting legacy

At Grammar, we encourage our students to look outward to others and serve our community with passion and purpose.

Through giving their time and energy, students throughout the school develop a strong sense of community engagement and build empathy for those less fortunate.

For past student, Noah Talbot (class of 2021) volunteering in the community remains an integral part of his everyday life and we are thrilled to recognise his positive impact on our community for National Volunteer Week.

‘Since leaving the Grammar Gates I have continued with my passion of working with people with disabilities,’ said Noah.

Noah was a vital member of Grammar Rugby and 1st XV Captain and continues his legacy through coaching and mentoring.

It is always a wonderful atmosphere when Noah brings his mates to games, his kindness, sensitivity and genuine desire to make a difference is infectious.

‘My favourite memory is helping players not only develop as a player but to develop character and values off the field. I emphasise the importance of teamwork, resilience and sportsmanship.’

Noah is another example of one of Grammar’s many Change Makers. He continues to support and empower others through his time working and volunteering with people with disabilities.

‘Volunteering has allowed me to make a positive impact on others and the community. It gave me the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of others.’

Volunteers play a vital role in creating positive change in our communities and have the power to change the lives of both volunteers and those they help.

‘I have been blessed with a life that has granted me the opportunity to make a profound and positive impact on someone else’s life.’

In addition to Noah’s support work, he currently plays for the Sunshine Coast Falcons and is studying to become a Primary School Teacher.

Let’s join together and celebrate our incredible Change Maker, Noah Talbot for the difference he is making in our community every day. Thank you, Noah!