Grammar celebrates outstanding NAPLAN results

Students at Sunshine Coast Grammar School have again recorded strong performances on the annual NAPLAN tests, with high mean scores across all areas confirming the School’s place as one of the top academic performers in the region.

Sunshine Coast Grammar School’s mean was well above both the State and National means in all areas tested: Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar/Punctuation and Numeracy.

Students across all year levels tested (Years 3, 5, 7 and 9) achieved between 94% and 100% above the National Minimum Standard in all categories for 2019.

Sunshine Coast Grammar School was the Coast’s best performing Secondary School, and among the top 20 in the state, based on Year 7 and 9 student results.

Sunshine Coast Grammar School Principal, Mrs Maria Woods said that she was proud of the School’s continued strong performance, which is a fine testament to the quality of teaching staff, the commitment of students and the support of parents.

“The results show that all our cohorts are operating well above national means in all of the NAPLAN tests. We are particularly pleased with the performance of our Secondary students who placed in the top 20 in Queensland,” said Mrs Woods.

“I am delighted to see that so many of our students are continuing to build on their results and achieve above not only the set minimum standards, but both the State and National mean scores, which really underlines the Grammar philosophy of high expectations and opportunities for students of all abilities.  This is something we will continue to foster and celebrate,” Mrs Woods said.

“While this data is a useful tool for Schools and transparency is important, it is only one set of results and I advise parents against placing too much importance on this test alone,” she said.

“A School is so much more than the results of one set of tests taken at one point in the year and I encourage parents to look beyond test scores when comparing schools,” Mrs Woods said.

Grammar strives to support every student in achieving their full potential and are proud that their curriculum offers students one of the best all-round educations in the state.