Empowering Education through Innovation

The Technology Department has embraced project-based learning as an effective tool to foster critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and creativity among students. Hands-on learning projects are used to engage students and empower them with real-world applications of theoretical knowledge. Apart from the many units encompassing innovation in the Digital Technology field such as drone programming, we have three such projects in Design Technology – solar boat research, design and prototyping in Year 8 Design Technology, eco lamps and CO2 dragsters in Year 9 Design Technology.

Solar boats are an excellent example of innovative student projects that combine engineering, renewable energy, and environmental awareness. These projects involve researching, designing and building boats that run entirely on solar energy and culminate in race challenges at the end of the unit. This project encourages students to think beyond conventional methods and pave the way for cleaner and greener modes of transportation for the future.

Eco lamps involve designing and creating lamps utilising LED lights. Students design the lamp using materials and design concepts that have minimal effect on the planet and learn the benefits of LEDs (light-emitting diodes) which have an advantage over other light sources due to their longer life, much lower power consumption and smaller size.

CO2 dragsters provide students with the opportunity to investigate, design and build prototype vehicles powered entirely with CO2. Students research aerodynamics and design vehicle bodies to reduce drag and thus reduce fuel consumption.

The benefits of these project-based learning activities extend beyond the immediate knowledge acquired during the process. These projects provide interactivity and engagement, collaboration and critical thinking amongst our students and offer real-world applications and a connection with sustainable factors for a future shaped by technological advancements and environmental concerns.