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Does Grammar have set intake years?

Prep is the set intake year for Primary and usually commences with 3 classes.  An additional class is usually added around the Year 4/Year 5 mark, as numbers dictate, taking the number of classes per year level to 4.   Places in other year levels can become available from time to time.    Year 7 is the set intake year for Secondary.

Specialist lessons commence from Prep.  The children will have Specialist lessons for Visual Art, Performing Arts (including Drama and Music), Physical Education and Christian Education. Specialist Language lessons commence in Year 4.

The School offers Japanese and French.  Language lessons commence from Year 4.  Students in Year 4, 5 and 6 will study both languages – a semester duration for each.  Students then select one of these languages to study in Year 7.   Languages become an elective choice from Year 8 onwards.

Grammar’s Extension Program, ‘SOAR’,  is offered in both Primary and Secondary.   SOAR is an academic talent development program specifically designed to meet the needs of students who are capable of high performance with demonstrated achievement and/or potential.  Grammar has Learning Enrichment departments in both Primary and Secondary.

Our students will have one Christian Education class per week and attend Chapel Services in year levels twice per term.  Our Assemblies include a time of devotion inclusive of a Bible reading and prayer.  Christian Education is a compulsory part of the curriculum at Grammar. Our lessons are inclusive and have a strong focus on our faith values.

All classes commence at 8:30am.

Prep concludes at 2:45pm.

Years 1 – 3 conclude at 3:00pm.

Years 4 – 6 conclude at 3:10pm.

Years 7 – 12 conclude at 3:20pm.

Year 7 students will chose a language to study for the duration of Year 7.    Visual Art, Music and Drama also continue as part of the curriculum in Year 7.  Students will study these Specialist areas for a semester in Year 7.  Students are also given the opportunity to explore Food Technology and Industrial Technology in Year 7. Elective choices are phased in from Year 8 onwards.

Careers planning begins formally at Grammar in Year 10 when students create their Senior Education and Training [SET] Plans. These plans require students to identify their interests and skills, research occupations that might suit and explore pathways to achieving their careers goals. During the year the School sets aside time for students to draft their SET plans, engage in Work Experience, visit Careers and Subject Expos and Information Evenings as well as having a one-on-one SET interview.   Students also engage in progress interviews with their Head of Year and Careers staff during Years 11 and 12.

75 – 80% of Grammar Year 12 graduates move on to University.  Graduates from Grammar attend Universities ranging from the University of the Sunshine Coast to the University of Qld, Queensland University of Technology located in Brisbane and interstate and overseas Institutions. The School  also offers students the opportunity to commence a School Based Traineeship or Apprenticeship in Year 11 and 12 to gain a nationally recognised Vocational Education & Training qualification while still at School.

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We are extremely pleased with ELC’s exceptional care and the significant progress our children have made. The additional effort from the ELC team is evident in their development, with both of them, including Brock, showing remarkable boosts in confidence and readiness for their next educational steps.
Joshua Barton
Each of us are truly blessed to teach, learn and play alongside such passionate, respectful and caring people every day at Grammar. To share each day with staff, students and their families in a school community built solidly on service above self and looking outwards to others is indeed humbling.
Ben Princehorn
I am privileged to have worked at Sunshine Coast Grammar School since 1999. I enjoy working with like-minded people who are passionate about the education of young people. Sunshine Coast Grammar School provides students with the opportunities that will allow each individual to reach their true potential. I believe in a Grammar education so much, my son will spend his…
Jeannie Baxter-Reid, Teacher and Parent
We have two kids that attend the centre and this is now our 4th year. We did attend another centre for a short period but missed Grammar ELC so much we came back and couldn’t be happier! There are minimal staff changes which means we are familiar with every educator there and they know all the children. The number of…
Brooke & Trevor Smith
We couldn’t want a better place of care and education for our son. We have complete confidence dropping him to Grammar Early Learning Centre that he will be very well looked after and leave each day with a happy child. What more could we want as parents.
Ellie O’Hara
Riley has been at Grammar Early Learning Centre for over 18 months. She loves her teachers and has developed beautiful friendships with the other children. It has been wonderful to experience the warm and friendly atmosphere at the centre, each time we drop off and pick up! The teachers go out of their way for each child and shows genuine…
Liana Simpson
We moved to Queensland earlier this year and are in awe of the care and love given to both our children, Jack and Isla. The teachers seem to appreciate my children’s individuality and understand their challenges, the progress we’ve seen in both of them through the year has been wonderful.  We are so grateful to have a safe and fun…
Kate Taylor
Our family relocated from Hong Kong to the Sunshine Coast five years ago. When looking for a suitable school we chose Sunshine Coast Grammar because of its reputation and balance for academic and sporting excellence. We fell in love with the grounds and superb facilities at the school. The boys are all involved heavily with the music program and finding…
Goulter Family
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