Green thumbs set to make a difference

We first discussed starting a Garden Club when it was Week 1 Term 2. Not many students were at school at this time and we wanted to do something to make a difference.

We were sitting in the eating area, then we looked at the garden beds and wondered if we could turn that area into something special. We asked Mr Clegg if we could start a Garden Club and he gave us loads of help. At lunch that day we went to the library and looked for books and researched about gardening.

Then we made a list of all the things we needed and made some posters. As a team we started to weed the garden beds, added compost, and planted some flowers and other seedlings that our parents kindly bought for us. There was a worm farm container in the shed and we worked out how to put it together. Indi brought in worms and then we just did little projects around the garden.

The Garden Club made us all happy at this uncertain time and the flowers brightened everyone’s day.

Written by Lauren Mackle, Year 4