Lending a hand to create a legacy

Teachers by nature are very generous with their time and there isn’t a staff member at Grammar who hasn’t volunteered their time in some capacity.

We recently sat down with Grammar’s Head of Year 7, Mr Mark Henricks who is volunteering his time and championing Sport and Active Recreation on the Olympics Legacy Group for the 2032 Brisbane Olympics, which is spearheaded by the Sunshine Coast Council.

Mr Henricks is one of 12 members in the group that is made up of a cross-section of community members. The group will look at how the region can capitalise on this momentous occasion and create a lasting legacy in the lead up to and beyond the Games. The group will provide community advice to council about local legacy outcomes and opportunities that should be pursued as part of the 2032 Games.

“If you are supporting and helping other people and the environment and being generous with your time, you end up with a strong and connected community”, said Mr Henricks.

As a life-long resident of the Sunshine Coast, Mr Henricks feels privileged and excited to have input into what opportunities the region can capitalise on. With his background and involvement across sports at all levels, including participant, coach, administrator and spectator, Mr Henricks is excited to be looking at opportunities to create legacies for community clubs, associations and schools and high-performance sports.

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and build healthy relationships. It also strengthens your ties to the local community and exposes you to people with similar interests.

A strong advocate for supporting local communities, Mr Henricks has been involved in several cricket and rugby tours across the United Kingdom, Europe and Canada in a volunteer capacity and has developed long-lasting friendships.

“I love catching up with past students who have been on those tours. They often talk about those experiences and how they were the highlight of their time at school. It is satisfying seeing them learn, succeed and achieve”, said Mr Henricks.

Mr Henricks will continue to meet with the Olympics Legacy Group throughout the year and is looking forward to connecting with his counterparts and assisting to develop the Legacy Plan for the region.