Sunshine Coast Grammar School celebrates 27 years

On Friday, 9 June the Sunshine Coast Grammar School community came together to celebrate 27 years since the sod was turned on our unique rainforest playground.

As part of the celebrations, we acknowledged our Life Long Learner students and their families, as well as our dedicated staff who have served our school community for 10, 15, 20 and 25 years.

Through their actions and commitment, they have exemplified what it means to be part of the Grammar community and live the motto, Where Passion Meets Purpose, every day. Grammar’s sense of pride, community, and green heart runs deep and it is these foundations that make our school unique.

Foundation Day is an exciting day for our school, it provides the community with the opportunity to reflect on the growth of the school over the years and look forward with great ambition to the future.

When visualising the next 20 years, Sunshine Coast Grammar School sees a school community looking purposefully to a future of distinction.

“Our aim is to be creative and ambitious, supported by progressive thinking about the place and value of education in an increasingly complex world,” said Principal, Mrs Anna Owen.

Schools are communities and Grammar is well known for its enduring sense of community.

“One of the best things about Grammar is the friendships. Confidence comes from being around people who promote you and encourage you,” said Mrs Owen.

Celebrations concluded with the hotly contested relay of the Grammar Gift, which saw the Sturt Leopards win the glory this year.