Declan selected as Youth Member for Buderim

Sunshine Coast Grammar School Year 11 student, Declan Goldston, was recently selected as Youth Member for Buderim 2022 through the Youth the YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament Program.

Since he was young, Declan has had a keen interest in how governments, councils and political parties operate and how they impact our lives.

“I have been surrounded by conversations at home about the funding of medicines and research, and how the impact of political decisions can shape people’s lives”, said Declan.

Declan has been assigned to the Science, Technology and Digital Economies portfolio, and hopes to assist in expanding grants for research programs within local universities and work on modernising internet infrastructure in Queensland.

Prior to being selected as Youth Member for Buderim, Declan did work experience with Brent Mickelberg (MP for Buderim) and thoroughly enjoyed the work.

“I hope that my experience in the Program will give me a deeper understanding of what is involved as a member for State Parliament, and the best mechanisms to enact change”, said Declan.

Declan will serve as Youth Member for Buderim for the remainder of 2022.