Friendship Chair milestone

This week marked the 10th anniversary of our Friendship Chair and to celebrate we hosted a special Friendship Assembly in the Primary Courtyard.

The Friendship Chair was carved from a single blackbutt tree into a lego block and donated to the school by the Dawes family in remembrance of their son Joshua, who was just six years old when he passed away. Joshua’s favourite thing was to build amazing Lego creations and he was known as ‘The Lego King’. Inside the middle of the Friendship, Chair is a lego car, with Batman, Robin and Spiderman, one of Joshua’s last creations.

To mark this special occasion the chair has undergone a slight restoration in recent weeks but is back in the place where it belongs.

Listen here: Paul Dawes talks about friendship, community and his son Joshua Dawes with Sami Muirhead from 92.7 MixFM. (Audio courtesy of 92.7 Mix FM)