Teachers in the field: champions of our community

For Grammar teachers, there is no greater joy than assisting students to develop, perform and achieve individual goals and personal aspirations.

With their unwavering support and belief in their students’ potential, teachers have the power to shape lives, ignite passions and unlock a world of possibilities.

At Grammar, our teaching staff lead by example and are exceptionally generous with their time. They remind us that education goes beyond the classroom walls and that the pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong journey.

We recently sat down with Dean of Primary Prep – Year 2, Mrs Rachelle Brutnell to discuss her involvement as Run Director at Brightwater Parkrun and how she is championing health and wellbeing in our community.

For nearly 10 years, Rachelle has dedicated her time each week to organise a crew of volunteers, welcome participants, celebrate milestones and process results.

Rachelle and countless other passionate volunteers at Parkrun around the world encourage people of all ages and abilities to discover the joy of movement, leading the charge toward healthier, happier communities.

Parkrun has grown to 2,000 locations in 23 different countries across five continents, and on the Sunshine Coast, we are fortunate to have four courses to choose from every Saturday.

‘Volunteering at Parkrun allows me to contribute to a collective community. It excites me that as a group we can make a positive impact on people’s health and wellbeing.’

Rachelle attributes her love and enthusiasm for volunteering and connecting with the community to her grandparents and their generosity in giving of their time to others in need.

‘I grew up admiring my grandparents and I hope to instill this same enthusiasm in my family as well as the Grammar community.’

Rachelle is an active member of both the Sunshine Coast and Grammar communities, having also been involved in local Nipper’s groups and sporting teams as well as Grammar Helping Hands initiatives, such as Surfing with the Disabled.

‘The skills, connections and confidence you gain from volunteering in your community are immeasurable. ’

Great volunteers are those who are reliable, responsible, helpful and enthusiastic. They are champions of our community, making a lasting impact through their selfless dedication and love for the wellness of the community.

As we continue to celebrate National Volunteers Week, we acknowledge Rachelle and the many other Parkrun volunteers who continue to champion health and wellbeing and inspire us all to reach our full potential.

‘Time is well spent when you give service to others.’