Volunteering is the heart of our community

At Grammar, our enduring sense of community, connection and friendship is undeniable. Our connection is linked to a shared purpose between the school, students and families. From classroom and canteen volunteers to sporting coaches, our parent body champion all of Grammar’s endeavours, and it is with their support that our community truly succeeds.

They say many hands make light work and through their collective efforts, our Parents and Friends’ Association (P&F) fosters friendships and develops support networks within our school community.

The newly elected P&F President and mother of three, Ms Karen Montagu, took the time during Volunteers Week to talk to us about the benefits of volunteering and what it means to her and her family.

“I think it’s important our kids see us volunteering to help others. That’s where it begins”, said Ms Montagu.

From a young age, Ms Montagu and her siblings were encouraged to volunteer their time and were involved in a number of charitable organisations, including the Heart Foundation, Zonta and The Lions Club.

“As a young person, getting to experience some sometimes uncomfortable situations was actually a great eye-opener for me to understand what other people go through in life”, said Ms Montagu.

There are many benefits you can take from volunteering, including the opportunity to work alongside and form friendships with people from all walks of life as well as develop patience, teamwork and negotiation skills.

When asked about the lessons learnt during her years of volunteering, Ms Montagu suggests being clear and honest about how much time you can give.

“Just a little bit of help is amazing. Sometimes we are afraid to help out as you think you will be stuck and taken advantage of. Remember that every little bit helps”.

Volunteering Australia sites that the main reason people first become involved in volunteering is that they knew someone who was involved. So grab a friend and join our P&F today!