Learning about our biggest asset – ourselves

As part of our Pastoral Care Program, our Year 10 students have been reflecting on their strengths and starting to form a vision for their future.

Students recently heard from Grammar parent and former international airline pilot, Mrs Charlotte Hillenbrand. With a Masters Degree in Law and a career in aviation, Mrs Hillenbrand is no stranger to change and emphasised to students that there is no rush and to trust in themselves.

Mrs Hillenbrand spoke about finding our strengths in disguise and mixed real-life stories of adversity and success with insights from applied neuroscience and positive psychology.

Year 10 students were captivated by Mrs Hillenbrand recapping the adversity in her career and discussion about how important it is to recognise that you are your biggest asset.

Two pieces of advice Mrs Hillenbrand had for our students were to:

  1. Reflect and evaluate what you do well. We don’t spend enough time on that – trust in yourself and your strengths. When you know your strengths, you gain confidence.
  2. Redefine failure. Life is about winning and learning. To have a growth mindset we need to make this part of our natural learning.

Hard work and determination are vital in creating a growth mindset. Knowing that you are not the best and still have the determination to give it a try builds spirit and success. The application of a growth mindset is not limited to just academia, it needs to be the approach that every Grammar student takes to every single challenge in their lives.

At Grammar, our well-being programs ensure students are equipped to participate in today and tomorrow’s society and have the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to become self-motivated, confident, disciplined and responsible adults.